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This article only for Mac users because smartsvn only available on Mac. Well you are using svn for your project and install smartsvn on your Mac book system and currently looking for how to check previous commit changes then you are in right place.


Manytimes, we want check our previous changes or commit on svn but we don’t know how to check and that’s why Smart SVN provide Log options to check all your previous changes commit based.

Usages Steps

SmartSVN, SVN, Log
  1. First you have to open your Smart SVN of your project.
  2. Select your project name on Directories
  3. After select your project, look top-right side you have option of Log
  4. Click on log icon, you will get pop-up of select which location log cache
  5. Select Skip cache and perform directly log
  6. Check your previous changes

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