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This article help you to setup aws s3 in your ubuntu machine, here you will get steps of installation and configure s3 in ubuntu.

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How to install and configure S3 in ubuntu

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Let’s start today’s topic installation and configuration of aws s3 ubuntu or how to install and configure aws s3

Table of content

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Verification ( bucket list )

Step 1 - Move to root dir

first you have to move to your system root dir

cd ~

Step 2 - Install aws CLI

install aws cli on your ubuntu machine

sudo apt-get install awscli

Step 3 - AWS configuration

configure aws with your credentials

aws configure

Enter your s3 bucket details

access id -> YOUR ACCESS ID
secret key - > YOUR SECRET KEY
region -> YOUR REGION

Step 4 - check bucket list

After configuration check your bucket list usimg below command

aws s3 ls

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