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How to convert object to json string in typescript?

April 14th, 2022 · 1 min read
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Today, we are going to see how we can convert the object to JSON string in typescript, here we will use the built-in method JSON.stringify() to convert data object to JSON string.

When you want to pass data to API or anywhere then you should stringify your JSON.

Here, we will create a sample object and then we use JSON.stringify() to convert the object to a string.

So let’s start the code…

1interface User {
2 id: number;
3 name: string;
4 domain?: string;
5 age?: number;
6 isActive?: boolean;
9let user: User = {
10 id: 1,
11 name: "infinitbility",
12 domain: "",
13 age: 2,
14 isActive: 1
18console.log(typeof user);
19let jsonString : string = JSON.stringify(user);
21console.log(typeof jsonString);

When you run the above code you will get object data and object data type before stringify.

After stringify, it will show object data as a string and data type also string.

check out the output of the above example.

convert object to json string example
TypeScript, convert object to json string example

All the best 👍.

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