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This article based on export excel in React, here you will get example of how to export excel in react.

We are going to use react-data-export library to manage export excel task.

Many dev’s install and stuck on react-export-excel package. Please don’t waste time in this package it just forked of react-data-export there are no support option.

Let’s start today article How to export excel in react

For excel exporting feature, we have to install below packages

  1. xlsx - https://www.npmjs.com/package/xlsx
  2. react-data-export - https://github.com/securedeveloper/react-data-export


Open your terminal and put below command on your project directory.

Install xlsx

npm install xlsx

Install react-data-export

npm install react-data-export --save


Below example have example of custom export or download data button, custom column value, custom excel filename, and custom excel sheet name.


import React from "react";
import ReactExport from "react-data-export";

const ExcelFile = ReactExport.ExcelFile;
const ExcelSheet = ReactExport.ExcelFile.ExcelSheet;
const ExcelColumn = ReactExport.ExcelFile.ExcelColumn;

const Employees = [
        name: "Johson",
        amount: 30000,
        sex: 'M',
        is_married: true
        name: "Monika",
        amount: 355000,
        sex: 'F',
        is_married: false
        name: "John",
        amount: 250000,
        sex: 'M',
        is_married: false
        name: "Josef",
        amount: 450500,
        sex: 'M',
        is_married: true

class Download extends React.Component {
    render() {
        return (
            <ExcelFile filename={"ExcelExportExample"} element={<button>Download Data</button>}>
                <ExcelSheet data={Employees} name="Employees">
                    <ExcelColumn label="Name" value="name"/>
                    <ExcelColumn label="Wallet Money" value="amount"/>
                    <ExcelColumn label="Gender" value="sex"/>
                    <ExcelColumn label="Marital Status" value={(col) => col.is_married ? "Married" : "Single"}/>

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