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To remove  from string in javascript, use replace("Â", "") it will return a string without  character and we will also see how to replace "Â" this character with another.

Let’s see a short example of javascript remove  from a string in javascript.

const string = "Â is also a";

console.log(string.replace("Â", ""))

Today, I’m going to show you How do I remove or replace  from a string in javascript, as above mentioned, I’m going to use the above-mentioned replace() method.

Let’s start today’s tutorial on how do you remove or replace  from a string in javascript.

Javascript remove or replace  from string

Here, we will do

  1. Take a sample string
  2. Use string.replace("Â", "") to remove
  3. Use string.replace("Â", "A") to replace with "A"
// Take sample string
const string = "Â is also a";

// Use `string.replace("Â", "")` to remove
const str1 = string.replace("Â", "");

// Use `string.replace("Â", "A")` to replace with `"A"`
const str2 = string.replace("Â", "A");

console.log("str1: ", str1)
console.log("str2: ", str2)

// Output:
// str1:   is also a
// str2:  A is also a


I hope it helps you, All the best 👍.