Uninstall node in node-red

To uninstall node in node-red,

  1. go to your .node-red folder using terminal
  2. enter npm remove node-package-name
  3. re-start node-red

it will remove the package from node-red, you can also use this method from your custom node. it works perfectly.

Example of uninstalling package in node-red

Here, we are going to perfectly remove the package from node-red.

In the previous tutorial, I created a node-env node where I have to explain how to use environment variables in node-red.

Node-red, Going to delete this node
Node-red, Going to delete this node

In this tutorial, we will delete this node completely. as you can see in the above picture.

let’s open the .node-red folder in the terminal. and enter our remove package command.

For me it was.

npm remove node-red-environment-variables-example

here, node-red-environment-variables-example is my node package name.

After this command run the node-red command to restart the node-red.

Node-red, Uninstall node example
Node-red, Uninstall node example

You will see some warning if you are using deleted nodes in your flows, just select those nodes and press the delete button and deploy it.

Node-red, warning nodes example
Node-red, warning nodes example

I hope it helps you, All the best 👍.

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