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How to use history in reactjs functional component?

March 13th, 2022 · 1 min read
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This tutorial will help you to use react-router in your react.js functional component, basically, we pass history from props and use it in the functional components.

But we have a better way to use history screen navigation in the function component.

In this tutorial example based on react-router-dom package.

React router dom provides useHistory() method to use history without passing from props.

let do example of useHistory() in react functional component.

1import { useHistory } from 'react-router-dom';
3const App = () => {
4 const history = useHistory();
6 const redirect = () => {
7 history.push('/login');
8 }
10 return (
11 <div>
12 <h1>Hi there!</h1>
13 <button onClick={redirect}>Log in</button>
14 </div>
15 );

After importing the useHistory() method and store in veriable, we have the same syntax to navigate the diferant screens like below.


If in case useHistory() method not working for you try useNavigate() method.

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