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This article based on my research, when I started working on-screen recording I found the RPScreenRecorder microphone not work after the screen recorder started.

Here, I will share what I got and what I’m planning to solve this issue.

I tried every possible solution I get on the web but no chance.

We know the Replaykit package maintained by the Apple developer but the microphone mute and unmute after screen recording is still in future improvements.

Currently, RPScreenRecorder isMicrophone toggle only works before recorder start, after recorder start we haven’t access to mute audio

I know you guys already checked this issue on stack overflow


Here, Anushka Mishra said how to see solved issue,

1.) Recording with microphone - used RPScreenRecorder. 2.) Recording without a microphone - took screenshots and created a video out of it

If I got any update on I will sure write here…

And also request if anyone solution or code snippets please share them with us.


Thanks for reading…