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Manage dark mode without installing any package in react native

React Native
September 4th, 2020 · 1 min read
Manage dark mode without installing any package in react native

Hello Friends,

welcome to Infinitbility!

Today we are going to discuss how to manage dark mode without installing any package in react native with example.

I read many articles about managing dark mode applications in react-native but no one can explain without package. then I write custom code for managing dark mode without any package and sharing with you.

Step 1: Create Global Veriable

Create Global Veriable for manage themeMode on src\App.js

1// App.js
3/* App theme mode */
4global.themeMode = 'light'; // light, dark

Step 2: Create a function

Create a function for get and set themeMode from Async Storage

1// functions.js
3// call when your app start
4async getThemeMode(){
5 let themeMode = await AsyncStorage.getItem("themeMode");
7 if(themeMode) {
8 global.themeMode = themeMode;
9 }else{
10 global.themeMode = 'light';
11 themeMode = 'light';
12 }
13 return themeMode;
16// call when user change theme mode
17async setThemeMode(mode){
18 let themeMode = await AsyncStorage.setItem("themeMode", mode);
19 global.themeMode = mode;
20 return mode;

Step 3: Manage Styles file

create seprate const for differant styles on dark mode and light mode.

1// Styles.js
3// diffrent styles for modes
4const ThemeStyle = {
5 light: {
6 background: {
7 backgroundColor: '#FFFFFF'
8 }
9 },
10 dark: {
11 background: {
12 backgroundColor: '#000000'
13 }
14 }
17// home screen styles
18const HomeScreenStyles = StyleSheet.create({
19 // background
20 content: {
21 flex: 1,
22 },

Step 4: Manage styles on HomeScreen

Here you understand using styles for both mode

1import React from 'react';
2import { View, Text } from 'react-native';
3import { HomeScreenStyles, ThemeStyle } from "../Styles";
6export default class HomeScreen extends React.Component {
7 constructor(props) {
8 super(props);
10 this.state = {
11 loader: false,
12 }
14 }
16 render() {
17 return (
18 <View style={[HomeScreenStyles.content, ThemeStyle[themeMode].background]}>
19 <Text>Here Your Content</Text>
20 </View>
21 );
22 }


whenever user change themeMode update your any state such as loader and etc.

Thanks for reading…

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