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Getting error TypeError Network request failed in android, ios, or with SSL server then read all below cases.

In this article, we solve 3 cases of network request failed issue in react-native but your condition does not match with the below mention cases then comment below on the article.

Case 1: http url not working in android

if you are trying to call HTTP ( unsecured ) url then you have to add usesCleartextTraffic to your AndroidManifest.xml.


        android:usesCleartextTraffic="true"  <!-- add this line -->

***Trying to call localhost api with diffrent port? ***

Replace localhost with your ipaddress v4

To know your ipv4

  • For windows users
  • For Mac or linux users

HTTP URL not working in ios

If you are trying to call an unsecure url from reac native ios.

you have to do below changes on your info.plist to allow unsecure url


HTTPS URL not working in android react native fetch

You are trying to call HTTP URL from react-native fetch but getting Network request failed to issue or in ios working fine then below the solution for you only.

This has to do with Android not trusting my SSL certificate. Apparently Android has some additional trust requirements on top of what web browsers require.

After figuring that out, the root cause ended up being my SSL Certificate uploaded to AWS didn’t have the correct intermediate cert which was fine in chrome, but not in android.

check your SSL certificate set up perfectly or not on https://www.digicert.com/help/.

when you get an error on DigiCert assign a task to your server administrator 😁.

Thanks for reading…

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