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In this article, You already familiar with every command I have shared the article but the purpose article is to get all useful commands in a single article.

For Windows users, 🔖 bookmark this article then you do not need to write a command every time. ( windows cmd can’t ❌ save the history of commands )

Let’s start today topic “React Native commands you need almost every day”

Gradlew Clean

the gradlew clean commands use to clean the Gradle cache & delete temporary files.

gradlew clean

npm start || yarn start

the npm start or yarn start command used to run their own metro server for react native project.

  • npm users
npm start -- --reset-cache
  • yarn users
yarn start -- --reset-cache

Run project

Run cammands use for to launch your app on devices.

  • for android development
npx react-native run-android
  • for iOS development
npx react-native run-ios

Ya… Ya… No one can use run-ios command 😎 we are a xcoder 😁.

Install package

For adding packages on our project we are use below command.

  • npm users
npm install [email protected]

npm i 😏… ( why I born… what is the purpose of my life 😢 )

  • yarn users
yarn add [email protected]

React Native link command use to link your native dependencies.

npx react-native link

Release apk

For build apk file we use gradlew assembleRelease command.

gradlew assembleRelease

Custom Script

create your own scripts like below example.

"scripts": {
    "shake": "adb shell input keyevent 82",
    "run-a": "react-native run-android",
    "run-i": "react-native run-ios",
    "clean": "cd ./android && ./gradlew clean",
    "android": "cd ./android && ./gradlew app:assembleDebug && ./gradlew installDebug",
    "build:an": "cd android && gradlew assembleRelease"

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