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React native detox multiple typeText crash issues

React Native, Detox
January 8th, 2022 · 1 min read
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React Native detox tutorial

React native detox typeText works properly no matter how many times you are using it.

Some developers write complex component render code like forwarding ref, dynamic rendering components, etc.

In this case, you have to use the detox replaceText() method.

Talk is cheap, show me code.

React native detox replaceText() method will smoothly handle all types of situations.

I will recommend to use replaceText() method instead of typeText() method.

1describe('Example', () => {
2 beforeAll(async () => {
3 await device.launchApp();
4 });
5 it('should have login screen', async () => {
6 await expect(element('loginView'))).toBeVisible();
7 });
8 it('should fill login form', async () => {
9 await element('emailInput')).replaceText('[email protected]');
10 await element('passwordInput')).replaceText('1234');
11 await element('confirmPasswordInput')).replaceText('tdxrd');
12 await element('loginButton')).tap();
13 });


React native detox replaceText example
React native detox replaceText example

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