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Always Use https url using Cloudflare

September 3rd, 2020 · 1 min read
Always Use https url using Cloudflare

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We set up Cloudflare for SSL, then the https URL starts working but HTTP is working as well (ie does not redirects to https) and this affects the SEO of our website.

for redirect to https we are write code on our virtual host or .htaccess but cloudflare also provide option to redirect all urls to https.

Here you get solution for how to setup “Always Use https URL” in cloudflare.

Step 1

Go To your Cloudflare dashboard and click on your website domain.

Step 2

Currently, you are on overview tab change to Page Rules Tab and click on create page rules

Step 3

This is the alt text large image

follow image…

write your* on your first input and select “Always Use HTTPS” from settings drop down

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