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I tried autocomplete="off", autoComplete="off" and many more but many browsers like Mozilla, Google or Edge are still showing autocomplete and auto-fill data to my input box, and then I found an article after hours of research and now I’m going to show how I can disable autocomplete and auto-fill.

Let’s start today’s tutorial How to disable autocomplete in material-ui Textfield

I found Mozila MDN Documentation where Documentation exaplaining why many modern browsers do not support autocomplete=“off” for login fields something like inputs.

So the reason is

Modern browsers implement integrated password management: when the user enters a username and password for a site, the browser offers to remember it for the user. When the user visits the site again, the browser autofills the login fields with the stored values.

The solution is you have to use autocomplete="new-password";

Autocomplete new-password exampe in material-ui


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