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MIGS VPC Payment integration in php

September 14th, 2020 · 1 min read
MIGS VPC Payment integration in php

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we are going to integrate MIGS ( MasterCard Payment Gateway Service ) Or Also known as VPC ( Virtual Payment Client ) using PHP.

MasterCards Virtual Payment Client enables merchants to use payment enabled websites, e- commerce or other applications by providing a low effort integration solution. It is suitable for most website hosting environments as merchants can integrate payment capabilities into their application without installing or configuring any payments software.

  • from MIGS Documentation


if want read and understand deeply MIGS Payment integration then I have some documentation from MIGS

  • Virtual Payment Client Reference Guide


Given By the bank for payment credentials



create a PHP file copy the below code and replace with your credentials

For VPC_URL try both or it depends on your country and credentials.

3# credentials
4$url = VPC_URL; // or
5$merchantId = MERCHANT_ID; //value get from your bank
6$accessCode = ACCESS_CODE; //value get from your bank
7$SECURE_SECRET = SECURE_SECRET; //value get from your bank
8$baseURL = "localhost/migs";
10# amount
11$amount = floatval($_POST['amount']) *100;
13$unqueId = uniqid();
15$md5hash = $accessCode;
16$md5hash1 = '';
17$params['vpc_AccessCode'] = $accessCode;
18$params['vpc_Amount'] = $amount;
19$params['vpc_Command'] = 'pay';
20$params['vpc_Currency'] = 'INR';
21$params['vpc_Locale'] = 'en';
22$params['vpc_MerchTxnRef'] = $unqueId; // need all time unique
23$params['vpc_Merchant'] = $merchantId;
24$params['vpc_OrderInfo'] = 'Infinitbility unique - '.$unqueId; // need all time unique
25$params['vpc_ReturnURL'] = $baseURL.'/Response.php';
26$params['vpc_TicketNo'] = '';
27$params['vpc_TxSourceSubType'] = '';
28$params['vpc_Version'] = 1;
29$params['vpc_SecureHashType'] = 'SHA256';
32foreach($params as $key => $val )
34 if ( strlen($val) > 0 )
35 {
36 $qstr[] = urlencode($key)."=".urlencode($val);
37 $md5hash .= $val;
38 if ((strlen($val) > 0) && ((substr($key, 0,4)=="vpc_") || (substr($key,0,5) =="user_")))
39 {
40 if(in_array($key, array('vpc_SecureHash', 'vpc_SecureHashType')) )
41 continue;
42 $md5hash1 .= $key . "=" . $val . "&";
43 }
44 }
46$md5hash1 = rtrim($md5hash1, '&');
47$vpc_url = $url.'?'.implode("&", $qstr);
48$vpc_url .= "&vpc_SecureHash=".strtoupper(hash_hmac('SHA256', $md5hash1, pack('H*', $SECURE_SECRET)));
50header("Location: " . $vpc_url);

return Response

1"migs_transaction_number"&vpc_MerchTxnRef="random_unique_value(we post to migs)"&vpc_TxnResponseCode=value&vpc_Message="value"
2 if vpc_TxnResponseCode = 0 -- success ,vpc_Message = approved -- paymet is success , All other unsuccessfull payment

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